Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Terminator progress, balancing the look of his chain fist and a hidden gem at my local GW

I got him built and he's going to paint today.
Actually, he's there now. I'm in the waiting room outside. I took this picture earlier to show the size comparison between him and my art scaled power armoured guys. I don't think he looks too bad.

I need to compare him to the loyalist one I sculpted. I bet a combination of aspects from the two models would be the way to go. That's really tempting to try.

I was pushing stuff out of the way to take the comparison picture when I realized I waste a lot of greenstuff. You'd think I'd have figured out how much I need after sculpting for so many years. Best guess, I'm around 73.17 percent wasted. Not that it's costing me hundreds of dollars every month, I just find it interesting I still can't estimate how much I really need.

And yes, just like bits, I save the extra greenstuff. Sometimes I need a little bit and can salvage some before it's cured too much.

Here's the chain fist issue I was figuring out this morning. I'd painted the base colors for my Terminator and there was something "wrong" with his chain fist arm. It just didn't look right. At first, I couldn't place it and then it hit me. It was red.

A better way to say it is, "It was ONLY red." It needed something else. The model was unbalanced visually. I had this huge weapon painted black on one side and nothing on the other. Now I can't make the chain fist any bigger (not true, technically I can), but I can give it more visual weight with a fraction of the work.

I did this with my Blood Angel Terminators. All I did was paint the chain fist housing to match their weapons and it solved the problem. Strange thing is, I tried it once with my Space Hulk Deathwing and it looked horrible. It actually created the unbalanced problem on those guys.

I stopped by my local GW yesterday to wander around and kill some time. My friend and I will text each other when we head to the store to see if the other needs anything. What's a good friend for if they don't support your addiction? He "needed" paint.

I decided I want to try my hand at building a Chaos Maulerfiend. I have absolutely no idea what in the world I would do with him, but he looks so cool. But that's not the point here.

When I was walking out, I saw these bases in the display case next to the register. Nothing more than a handful of small oval bases textured with different texture paints and numbered so you could see which one creates which effect.

This is brilliant. For the new player who wants to try the textured paints, but doesn't know how they'll turn out or if they'll like the end result, this is the best thing you could do to help them.

Honestly, it struck me from way out in left field since I'm so used to walking into a GW and being bombarded with the whole you need to buy this approach instead of the how can I help you out at no cost.

It was like a little ray of hobby sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

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  1. Thanks for the paint:-) I can't wait to see how the "Mountain" does on the the board this weekend!

    1. No worries. We'll see how long he lives.
      I don't suspect he's going to make it very long.